INOVATERM provides a wide variety of mechanical, piping, process, civil engineering, and consulting services related to the design and building of geothermal power plants.

INOVATERM has acquired specialized technical knowladge to serve the geothermal sector in Turkey and around the world. INOVATERM has leading the consulting for the design of geothermal power plants and the development of district heating in Turkey.

Power generation from geothermal energy and the development of geothermal district heating systems is a cornerstone of INOVATERM’s consultancy, where the company has created many solutions in the development of geothermal energy.

INOVATERM provides the following engineering projects based on the needs of the client.



Our services extend beyond system design and engineering.

On your projects, INOVATERM engineers provide field services. Behind every field engineer is a team of expert engineers ready to give ongoing assistance and prompt on-site solutions to construction issues.

INOVATERM offers field services to guarantee that your installation is completed perfectly. We collaborate with you to manage all aspects of your project site operations.

Construction Management,
Project Execution Methodology.
Preparation of Method of Statements.
QA/QC Services.
Assistance in installation, erection, testing and commissioning activities.



“Management is essential for the timely completion of any project. INOVATERM assists clients at all stages of their project, which might take several years in some circumstances (from start-up to completion).
INOVATERM provides personalized and project-specific management for each project. This involves setting project goals and milestones, developing communication structures and procedures, and coordinating overall project structures with the customer and other collaborating entities.
Through experienced staff and engagement with geothermal sector partners, INOVATERM is able to secure the necessary confidence and cooperation between project management and the project team.
In terms of project management, INOVATERM’s service spectrum covers, but is not limited to, appointment, cost, progress, and outcomes control. “

INOVATERM provides the following comprises based on the needs of client.

Planning and controlling a project;
Creating an overall project execution strategy and procedure.
Project progress and milestones are being tracked.
Change and variation management and control
Attending meetings at the site, with clients, and with end users.
Reviewing specs and selecting products
Validating the calculations for the project design.
Managing technical documentation and End User submissions
Checking of Design and engineering services.
On-site support.

Tendering Management;
Prequalifying Document Development
Creating Bidding Documents
Technical Terms and Conditions Documents Development
Bidding Evaluation

Permits and Approvals Management;
Construction Licence
Exploration Licence
Annual Progress Report
Production Licence